Vala’s After School Program is out, with some very popular returning campaigns.

Wednesdays 4 – 5:30pm Hidden Ninja Village

Live Action Role Playing, Ninja sneaking games, obstacle courses, and Ninja style boffering

In Feudal 15th century Japan the Ashikaga Shogunate has been the true power behind the emperor for over a century. Yet now the Ashikaga line has become thin, Shogun Yoshimasa has no heir. To avoid assassination, he reaches out to his younger brother, living as a monk, to become his heir.

The land stands on the brink of great upheaval and conflict, a world where tyrannical Warlords battle for control of the country. And during the ceaseless struggle for power, a new secret tool will come to the fore, The Ninja… Masters of stealth and deception.

Thursdays 4 – 5:30pm Sci-Fi The Phobos Effect

The year is 2099. Leaving a sad old polluted Earth of diminishing resources, massive overpopulation, and environmental disaster, a motley crew of ne’er-do-wells seek new opportunities out in the Solar System for enterprising smugglers, thieves, hackers, and the like. From near-earth orbit to the Moon, from Mercury to Mars and beyond, get ready for the adventures of your life in a new era where the horizon is yet to be explored.

Conspiring to foment rebellion on the main Martian Mining Colony, our intrepid crew sets out to deliver crucial supplies and equipment to the desperate miners. The delivery is going smoothly, until a brief communication about a problem in the mines comes in, then cuts off. When the crew investigate, they slowly start to suffer – one by one – from the oncoming dread of… the Phobos Effect.

Friday Dawnsaga Elf Towers (online)

Sites of mystic wonder, the Elf-Towers mark nodes of earth-power flowing through the Ancient Most Realm. Join a band of adventurers, the Peregrines, and answer the Summons of the Towers- to raise the sleeping power of the Towers, and to heal The Realm and prepare the Way for the Choosing of a High King and Queen to lead us against the Evil Empire that threatens the Realm’s destruction. The Peregrines receive a vital mission by the last of the Elf Lords in the ancient city of Lonti Lith, that will take them to the sunken (and some say cursed) land of Ergonia…

Elf Towers is an ongoing Campaign that runs online every Friday during the term!