Who we are.

Aeon Academy is run by the not-for-profit, cultural organisation Aeon Arts Ltd and works for the wellbeing of the community. Its aim is to deliver an Outside School Hours Education and Care service of the highest quality, and has been doing so for over 18 years.

The Aeon Academy team believes all children are innately gifted and talented. Everything we do is about nurturing their creative spark and inspiring them to learn through creativity and play. We believe that education is a natural outcome of creativity. We strive to support families and recognise that our dedicated and experienced Educators are privileged to be a positive and formative part of your child’s life. 

At Aeon Academy your kids come first. Outside school hour education and care is our specialisation and our sole focus. Our engaged and compassionate leadership team works on site with their fingers on the pulse every day ensuring your child’s safety and well-being is the highest priority. 

We ensure a safe learning environment where children can exercise their imaginative problem solving, build their compassion, engage in enjoyable playful experiences and explore endless possibilities. Our Educators have the quality time needed to meaningfully engage with your child.

We provide real choice in OSHE&C. Our strong and well-established reputation for quality programming is built upon a suite of foundation and specialised programs that children love. Our expert team of highly qualified Educational Leaders and Programming Directors effectively and meaningfully tailor programs to differing individual and community needs and interests, maximising engagement and learning. 

Your child is free to choose from a suite of quality programs so they get the best outcomes. All of our unique Foundation and Specialised Programs promote creative thinking, skills building, adaptable approaches to problem solving and open up endless possibilities for your child.

Sustainability and environmentally responsible behaviour are an essential part of our philosophy. We embed sustainability in the day-to day activities and programming of our Service. We believe in empowering children as active global citizens.

The Aeon Academy experience is akin to being among a caring family. We understand that learning is a lifelong journey and we strive to be an organisation that nurtures that journey; from very young children, to primary students, to teenagers and young people. 

We are an inclusive and caring organisation that genuinely engages with our community. Our legendary Open Days are fun and free community events held throughout the year, bringing families and children together around unique, engaging and memorable experiences.

We want children to look forward to their outside school hours experience as a formative and fun part of their lives.

Aeon Academy’s home base is in the well-equipped and imaginative Arts Wing at Yarralumla Primary School. We accept children from any area of Canberra.