This short term offers a great opportunity to try out our specialised classes.
Enrich your child’s life with some painting & drawing or role play & storytelling

Ages 7+

Vala Adventures

Wednesdays 4 – 5:30PM (Yarralumla)

Knights of the Round Table: Camelot Rising

Thursdays 4 – 5:30PM (Yarralumla)

Ninja School: The Chunin exams & the Demon Hanzo

Friday 4 – 5:30PM (Online)

Dawnsaga – Elf Towers of Dawn: The Nameless Tower (book here)

More details about each day here.

Creative Catalyst

Mondays 4-5.30pm (Yarralumla)

Painting & Drawing

Thursdays 4-5.30 (Yarralumla)


This term we will be making musical clay instruments. Learn how to make ocarinas and other percussion instruments.