Recently, the Aeon Team took the opportunity presented by our host school’s Pupil Free Day, to run an intensive Professional Development training session with a focus on our amazing Kitchen, Herb & Bush Tucker gardens and their essential role in cultivating inclusion and learning at our service. As a group we discussed the different ways in which our green spaces underpin and embody Aeon’s Philosophy & Mission while doing some REAL WORK and getting our hands dirty in the garden!

While we planted new bush tucker plants we explored the idea of the environment as an active agent in children’s learning and how we can empower ourselves and the kids to care for our gardens and celebrate our sustainability practices.

While reinstalling the bush tucker fence/boundaries we looked at how we can build on our RAP (Reconciliation Action Plan) through continuing  to work with our garden designer Yurbay as well as other Indigenous contributors. Also  continuing to develop broader community engagement through our bush tucker and food gardens while supporting students to have a sense of ownership and agency for their environment.

While weeding & pruning the vegie patch and herb garden and turning the compost we discussed the huge benefits of Nature Play & food growing for kid’s physical and mental health and the importance of physical challenges and managed risk taking in play.