Teffany sharing some garden knowledge

In week 5, Art students and Cornucopians (Kitchen & Garden program) are going on an excursion across the oval to see Teffany Thiedeman’s Studio- Hearth and the surrounding garden. This is rather exciting as we have missed the last couple of years. We think it’s great for children to see the artwork of Aeon’s Art Director and then ask all the  interesting questions. They also get to see the kiln, where their work is fired and a range of other uses of fired ceramic.

There has been a lot of rain recently , so stay tuned for updates on this excursion.

These visits are an advance party of the general public who are invited to check out Teffany’s Open Studio Hearth on Saturday the 12th November 10-4pm which is running in conjunction with Design Canberra Festival
Grown ups have a chance to get creative and play with clay in a workshop dedicated to mermaids, werewolves and other human animal combinations in mythology. Here is a link to book 

We are running a tile making workshop as part of the Aeon Academy Open Day on the 19th November. This is a multi age short and affordable workshop where you end up with a fired ceramic tile for your home. Or a present for someone you love.