Aeon Academy is a Child Care Subsidy (CCS) approved provider. This means that if your family is entitled to the CCS, we are able to charge you the estimated gap fee only when making bookings.

The CCS differs substantially from the Child Care Rebate that was previously in place. Some families have expressed confusion about how the subsidy is calculated and how it affects the charges we apply.

We are happy to help where we can, and can point your family towards government information resources. Please read through this FAQ page, and contact our front office if you have further questions.

How do I receive for the Child Care Subsidy?

To receive the CCS, you must first apply through the Department of Human Services. You must then provide us with your CRN and date of birth, and the CRN and date of birth of the child for whom you want to receive the subsidy through your Hubworks parent portal. You must also confirm an enrolment notice via your MyGov or Centrelink portal.

While we are able to confirm the status of your CCS application for you, please contact Centrelink for any additional queries or for help managing your subsidy.

How much subsidy can my family receive?

The amount of subsidy to which families are entitled varies greatly from case to case, and is means tested as well as contingent on the number of hours of childcare you have booked. Additionally, some families may not be aware that the subsidy only applies up to $10.29 per hour – where hourly charges exceed this, families must pay the excess.

Why is my account still owing after having received the subsidy?

The gap fee we charge is based on the estimates provided to us. If your family’s circumstances or the amount of childcare you require changes, this estimate will be less accurate and the amount of subsidy returned to us will differ. Families are liable for the difference between the amount of subsidy estimated and the amount actually returned.


For more information about receiving the CCS or estimating your entitled subsidy, please see the Department of Education website.