Aeon Academy is dedicated to our mission of nurturing the creative spark: providing high-quality programs, educators, and materials to help students get the most out of our unique specialised programs. Aeon Academy spares no expense in making those programs the very best they can be, and your children reap the benefits with smiling faces and creatively-enriched experiences.

If you feel your child would benefit from the specialised programs but find the surcharge financially prohibitive, we have some exciting news.

Starting in Term 3, Aeon Academy’s After-School Specialised Program Scholarships will be expanding to give more students than ever before a taste of our Dramatic Adventures and Visual Arts programs.

So, if you are (or you know) a parent whose children currently attend the Creative Play foundation program and:

  • would love to try Aeon Academy’s specialised programs but are prevented by financial difficulty or-
  • are deeply passionate, keen on, and curious about the specialised programs

then please email us (with the subject: “Scholarship Application”) to nominate them for one of the Term 3 Scholarships on offer.