Fill your child’s Winter Holidays with inspiration and creativity with Aeon Academy’s engaging & original visual art and dramatic adventure programs. The weather outside may get chilly, but your child’s creative spark will burn brighter than ever.

The unique drama program offers the opportunity for your child to explore the diverse realms of History, Myth & Legend, Fantasy, and Literature through oral storytelling, improvised theatre, tabletop gaming, improvisational character-play, and live-action physical games. These adventures include “Warriors of Tiw”: a savage Viking adventure of teamwork and honour, “The Dragons Return”: a mythical kung-fu quest, “Fall of the Dragon Lord”: a thrilling fantasy showdown & “Moctezuma & Cortes”: a spying mission for the last Aztec Emperor.

The inspiring visual arts program lets your child choose from a suite of exciting workshops including artist led Drawing, Ceramic, Mixed Media Sculpture & Painting where kids get to spend a day trying their hand at creating a masterpiece. Kids learn new skills while exploring varied themes. These include: Soup Kitchen ceramics, Celtic Labyrinth drawings, Castle Dioramas, Gigantic Drawings, and mixed media Staffs of Power & Shields of Glory.