This Winter Vacation we will be keeping everyone warm, happy and engaged with our amazing Creative Catalyst Visual Art and Vala Adventures programs.

Vala Adventures Program

We’re running a unique adventure on each day of the holiday. Choose and participate in a one of a kind adventure of storytelling, live action role playing, exciting physical games and diceplay.

From the World of Oliver Twist, to the Hidden Ninja Village, Vala truly has something for all passions and people.
The World of Oliver Twist;
Be a part of the ragged cast of Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist and explore the sooty streets of London at a time when orphan children had few options other than petty theft and crime. Practice your pickpocketing and join a band of child thieves working for the old fence Fagin in exchange for somewhere to sleep and a scrap or two of bread. Meet the Artful Dodger and Oliver Twist, steal the purses of the rich and foolish, plan a daring heist, and see for yourself what life was really like before kids had to go to school.

Each day is a new adventure at Vala, see our full Winter Vacation Program for further details.
We are also welcoming the first Very Vala Veterans, our teenage participants  who have participated in Vala for years and are know taking their places as mentors and young game masters.

Creative Catalyst Visual Arts

Over in the Art room, Lauren will be leading all our oil painting and drawing workshops. Bethany will take both vacation Thursdays, with Graphic Illustration in week 1 and Dioramas in week 2. Teffany is very excited to be running the Tuesday clay classes.
All our art Educators are practising artists and graduates of the ANU School of Art & Design
See the program here.