During the last few months our children have been very busy planting, picking and caring for our garden.

We have never been so proud of our works, this year our garden looks glorious!!!

We had a lot of snow peas coming out, beautiful herbs have been used for our “Cornucopia” cooking experiences and new Australian native plants have been just added as part of our bush tucker garden project.

We started Bush tucker with a dream of bringing this land’s unique flavours back into the mainstream, so future generations can remain connected to a rich and vibrant history. We want to see a cultural shift towards a sustainable ecosystem, a secure and diverse food supply, and happier, healthier humans.

The inclusion was awesome, the children were very involved in the process of planting and seeding and that they were given information prior to planting.

Our service is committed to building strong links between children, families and local communities and during the past few months we have focused on building respectful relationships with the Indigenous community embedding a culturally respectful program. The centre received a State Government grant which was used to set up an Indigenous garden and we are very excited to host a cleansing ceremony during our coming summer Open day, which will be conducted by a member of Thunderstone Aboriginal cultural Services.

Workshops and educational lessons with local Indigenous members will be run during the Open day and children will have the opportunity to learn about the Indigenous culture and traditions to extend their knowledge about Australian native plants ‘s properties and uses.

From children voices:

“I like picking snow peas in the garden. I have never tried them before. They are my second favourite veggies now” – Lucas, Sparks

“When I am outside, I like to water the plant because plants love water” – Amalia, Creative play

“Rosemaries plants smell so beautifully and the flowers are very pretty” – Maya, Cornucopia

“I like Cornucopia because I can use the herbs from the garden for cooking” – Anna, Cornucopia

“When I go outside I like to watering the plants because they need water to grow up nice and strong” – Amalia, Creative play