Here to warm you up is our highly requested Boffer Weapon Workshop for Children 11 years and up.

Saturday 28th of May, Vala will be running the Defender advanced Boffer program for the first time.

Starting during the Open Day at 2pm and running until 4pm.

Great fun and physical exercise, outdoors excitement and focus with Vala Live Action games.

Graduates of Knight School, this is the next step in continuing to improve your martial abilities and control. As well as helping Vala develop the Defender program that the Knight School and other Boffer Weapon Masterclasses are based upon.

It should perfect for those who love to Boffer, and want to continue to progress and enjoy using the top quality Vala Boffer and safety equipment.

Furthermore it is considered training for those who are interested in being a Vala Marshal.

Graduation from the defender program means you would be deemed qualified to run a Vala Boffer weapon masterclasses, Knight School, Ninja School, or Viking Warriors (or any others that may come in the future).

Price is $50 and bookings are essential- please contact the AeonAcademy office

Outdoor adventure and fun