Running from 2:30 – 4pm on Saturday March 4th at the Aeon Academy open day!

The Vala Advanced Boffer Defender Program is for people ages 10+

The ‘Defender Program’ is the basis of Vala Boffering Games such as Knight School, Secrets of the Ninja, and Viking Warriors of Tiw.

Learn to Boffer with greater control and awareness, develop your techniques and focus in a fun playful manner. Practice with the most advanced Boffer weapons in the Vala arsenal, a vast array of Boffer Axes, Swords, Hammers, Spears and more!

Although it is hosted at the Yarralumla Primary School hall at the AeonAcademy Open Day, at our Vala Defender Program we love to get outside and use the environment in our games. Please bring a drink bottle and a hat.

Tickets available here.