Let your child be inspired with Aeon Academy’s engaging & original visual art and dramatic adventure programs these Autumn Holidays. With only 1 week to go and a great selection of workshops to choose from there’s no better time to book in.

The unique drama program offers the opportunity for your child to explore the diverse realms of History, Myth & Legend, Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Literature through Live-Action challenges, ‘Boffer’ weapon play, improvisational character-play, storytelling & dramatic make believe. These adventures include “From Bolters to Bushrangers”: an Australian bushranging heist, “The Dragon Within”: a mythical kung-fu quest, “Aztec Dusk”: a desperate mission for the last Aztec Emperor & “Treasure of Porto Bello”: a piratical raid on the high seas.

The inspiring visual arts program lets your child choose from a suite of exciting workshops including artist led Printmaking, Ceramic, Mixed Media Sculpture & Painting where kids get to spend a day trying their hand at creating a masterpiece. Kids learn new skills while exploring varied themes. These include: ceramic Elf Towers, painted Self Portraits, ceramic Autumn Platters, Masks of the World, ceramic Marsupial Animalia & Autumn Watercolours.