Too much screen-time this term? Give your family a creative break this Winter with Aeon Academy’s unique visual arts and dramatic adventure programs! Invite your child to spark their imagination and challenge their preconceptions through one of our many exciting workshops.

Ready to team up with a band of misfits and play as someone from history, myth, or legend? Explore the hidden depths of Elven mountains in Mount Raven Looms, radio in to ground control from Space Station Saturn Nine, or navigate the intrigues of the 16th Century Scottish court in The Murder of Lord Darnley.

Looking to create a keepsake you’ll treasure forever? Revel in the art nouveau stylings of Alphonse Mucha and create your own Art Poster, craft a delicate ceramic tea set for a Pixie’s Tea Party, or go big in a zentagle spectacular Mural Design workshop.

We are currently taking bookings for our Specialised Programs, so contact Saadia on 6142 3268 to secure your child’s place.