At Aeon Academy we have a strong commitment to nature play and sustainability. Our garden is an essential element of our curriculum and it is a quiet space for the children to get away from the hustle and bustle. We are currently starting our autumn-winter crops and we are still harvesting heritage tomatoes and refreshing the rocket patch. We also have planted brassicas (cauliflower & broccoli) carrots and peas and our sunflowers still stand gloriously catching the sun’s rays.

Our Bush Tucker garden has enjoyed the mild summer and is growing strongly: offering more and more opportunities for the children to develop an appreciation of Australia’s rich Indigenous heritage. The children get involved in every aspect of the garden, which includes not only planting seeds and seedlings, but caring for, harvesting and seed saving from the plants. Children are learning about life cycles of plants and of insects and animals that visit the garden. Some of our bugs are good for the garden, and some bugs are not so good.

They have access to fresh organic vegetables free from nasty chemicals and, because the fresh veggies go straight from the garden to our Cornucopia cooking classes the nutrients in the produce is not lost. Children are learning that they can grow good healthy food to fuel their bodies and their minds. This may take the form of working with the plants, or sitting down with a storybook in the shade. They’re self-regulating when they come to the garden for some peace and quiet if other areas are overwhelming them at the time.

If would you like to make any donations for our garden resources please come to see us at the front office.