Vala Adventures will be running this exciting program from 1-3 on Saturday, 23rd of March at Yarralumla Primary School for ages 10+.

Level up from playing as a warrior to becoming one. Where imagination and movement meet, hone your skills and call your allies in arms to participate in a Vala day of swordplay.

Join likeminded Boffer Boffins for this exciting active program that uses high-quality foam weapons and equipment to engage your imagination and body.

Engage in ninja, samurai, knight, and other ancient warrior-inspired games and training. Vala involves, Live Action Role Playing (LARP), sneaking games, wide games, boffer fighting, and unique fun!

Practise with the most advanced boffer weapons in the Vala arsenal—a vast array of boffer axes, swords, hammers, spears, and more.

A boffer ticket includes all protective gear and boffer gear/other gear used for the activities.

Though we have an indoor base in the school hall, in Vala we often seek to integrate outdoor spaces and use the environment in the games. Please bring appropriate active clothing and a drink bottle.

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