What exciting adventures will be happening in room V this term?


Wednesdays- after school 4-5.30pm

Knights of the Round Table – The Sword in the Stone

Take up arms and ride out in search of adventure and a better world for all as founding Knights of the Round Table. Chase mystery and mischief as young squires, come face to face with legendary figures like Merlin and Morgan le Fey, prove your mettle in battle and your nobility of spirits, pursue legendary quests and strange monsters, and take your place in the story of King Arthur and Camelot’s golden age. 

In the Knights of the Round Table set of adventures Vala explores a variety of interpretations and variations on the myths of King Arthur and medieval ideas about nobility, wisdom, bravery, honour, and how to build a better world, as well as teaching skills of teamwork, empathy, and good judgement.

Thursdays– after school 4-5.30pm

Bushrangers of Van Diemen’s Land- The Camp

Explore the tangled wilderness of colonial-era Tasmania and learn how convicts lived and thrived there before the harsh tyranny of Governor Arthur. Range the bush hunting for kangaroo and emu, make friends and allies among the Big River Tribe of the palawa indigenous people, party and trade down in Hobart Town, and meet the infamous Michael Howe before the heyday of Tasmanian bushranging comes to an end. 

In the Bushrangers of Van Diemen’s Land set of adventures Vala explores the rich bushranging tradition of Van Diemen’s land, the freedom enjoyed by convicts before the arrival of Governor Arthur, the culture and struggles of the native Palawa people, as well as teaching skills like good judgement, teamwork, and logical thinking.

Fridays- after school online (zoom)

Elf Towers of Dawn, The Keepers Isle

Sites of mystic wonder, the Elf-Towers mark nodes of earth-power flowing through the Ancientmost Realm. Join a band of adventurers, the Peregrines, and answer the Summons of the Towers- to raise the sleeping power of the Towers, and to heal The Realm and prepare the Way for the Choosing of a High King and Queen to lead us against the Evil Empire that threatens the Realm’s destruction. 

Sailing up the Great River towards the splendid capital of the Ancientmost Realm, the Peregrines escape pursuit by Imperial navy ships and sudden attack by giant ravens, only to be shipwrecked on the rocky shores of the Keepers Isle, the isle of tombs, where it is said every six feet belongs to a chief or a king or a queen who died long ago, and the only living beings are ‘the Keepers’, mysterious members of the ‘Black Branch’ of the Realm’s druidic religion. 

Do you have the making of a true Peregrine? Come solve the mystery of the Keepers Isle.