Adopt a character from the Dawnsaga Fantasy role playing game and go online to meet up with fellow children under the guidance of Aeon Academy Vala-trained & experienced Educators. Work together as part of an adventurous team and steep yourself in myth, legend and lore as you face challenges and mysteries, solve problems and co-create an epic tale of enchantment and heroism.


Elf-Towers of Dawn: From the Heights to the Depths

Sites of mystic wonder, the Elf-Towers map out a weblike system of flowing earth-power across the Ancientmost Realm. A band of adventurers have started to visit these sites to heal their pains and sorrows after a recent terrible battle. Ere long it dawns on them that they are not so-much visiting as being called, or summoned even, to the greatest quest of their lives- to harken to the elvish songs of the towers, to raise their sleeping power, and to heal The Realm and prepare the Way for the Choosing of a High King and Queen to lead them to victory against the Evil Empire that threatens the Realm’s destruction. A long Campaign of adventuring, from the Heights of mountain and tower tops to the Depths of dungeons beneath, lays in store for ‘the Peregrines’ before they are finally ready to face their true destinies


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