The past year has highlighted the importance of mental health for all of us*. Our structured, busy and technology-driven world doesn’t leave much space for winding down and tuning in. At Aeon we seek to nurture every child’s creative spark and we believe that Nature Play & Creativity are the best tools for the job.
Following the science and our hearts we provide opportunities for extended Nature play, which encourages the joy of movement, nurtures wild imaginations, experimentation, and social connection with real academic benefits*
By encouraging creative exploration we support children to find enjoyable ways to express their thoughts, feelings and ideas through art,  storytelling & roleplaying.
Our Creative programs don’t push students to ‘be the best’ or ask them to put on a show for others, instead they allow children to explore who they are, and how they see the world and to appreciate themselves as active agents in their own learning journeys.
Your kids can reap all these benefits while at home too. Take the time to help them collect some natural materials while out on a walk. Let them use whatever art materials are available at home and give them a little bit of mess friendly space, then let their imagination soar. For more inspiration let them explore the creative gems at Aeonline.
* the National Wildlife Federation, Back to School: Back Outside (Coyle, 2010).
* come to our Good Times in the Garden open day Saturday 30th October.